The Center for History and New Media is one of the most useful tools around for history teachers. They’ve been instrumental in creating the National History Education Clearinghouse, History Matters, Historical Thinking Matters and Zotero.

playing historyAnd now a couple of CHNM people are branching out into games by creating Playing History: Your Source for Historical Games

There is no comprehensive directory to connect teachers with (educational games.) If high quality educational games, grounded in current academic knowledge and at the forefront of the digital technologies, are to reach teachers and their students, there is a clear need to build a collaborative directory for reviewing and sharing information. Playing History is the beginning of just such a directory.

It’s a noble plan. At present, Playing History has a database of 125 games and is attempting to create a social network of users to improve and expand the database. It is a wonderful place to start a search for history-related games.

But it is still obviously a work in progress with some missing reviews and a clunky advanced search feature that doesn’t really allow you to search by content or grade. But I do like its tagging feature that allows searches by keyword.

Give it a try. If it’s like everything else CHNM does, it will become a very useful tool!