Later today I will be working with a small group of teachers at the Laptop Leaders Academy in Mitchell, South Dakota. This is the third year that the group has gotten together to talk about and share 1-to-1 best practices.

Seems like a pretty intense group for a Monday morning. I’ll need more caffeine before my afternoon session!

I’ll be talking this afternoon about copyright and intellectual property for about 50 minutes, barely enough time to scratch the surface. But hopefully we can generate some thinking and questions for future conversations.

teaching copyrightOne resource I will be sure to share is a new tool created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation called Teaching Copyright.

In five distinct lessons, students are challenged to:

  • Reflect on what they already know about copyright law.
  • See the connection between the history of innovation and the history of copyright law.
  • Learn about fair use, free speech, and the public domain and how those concepts relate to using materials created by others.
  • Experience various stakeholders’ interests and master the principles of fair use through a mock trial.

It seems like a nice balance between those who are preaching copyright “hypercompliance” (as Doug Johnson calls them) and those who basically steal whatever is online. I really like the feel of the curriculum – protecting rights of intellectual property owners while providing the freedom to use copyrighted works fairly.

There are tons of resources and materials. Head on over, some nice stuff!