Photo 34It’s free. Totally free.

The C-SPAN bus has pulled into the Dakota Wesleyan University here in Mitchell, SD for the Laptop Leaders Academy and I’m learning tons. (And, of course, we had to take the bus tour!)

C-SPAN, the non-partisan cable channel, has hundreds of useful government and civic resources available for free. But what you may not know is that C-SPAN also has a web site designed just for educators titled C-SPAN Classroom.

You’ll find six major topic areas:

  • Principles of Government
  • US Constitution
  • Legislative Branch
  • Executive Branch
  • Judicial Branch
  • Political Participation

In each of the areas, you’ll find specific topic resources, lesson plans, teaching materials, videos, student surveys, grant info and student contests. A C-SPAN rep said

We have a very liberal copyright policy, we want people to use our stuff.

So go ahead and use all you want! It’s got some great things for government teachers but also stuff for all social studies educators.