I was searching for useful geography web sites this morning and, is often the case while surfing the web, ran across something completely random and wonderful!howstuffworks videos


Yes, I’ve been there before. It’s an incredibly useful tool but today I found a treasure I hadn’t previously run across.

History videos.

HowStuffWorks has posted over 1200 history videos that cover all time periods and all geographic areas. I just finished watching an interesting video on Pickett’s Charge and another video on the June 6th, 1944 D-Day invasion featuring oral histories of veterans. Pretty sweet!

Not only are there great video clips (most are in the 2-7 minte range) but there is a related clip section and links to related articles. The browse and search features are easy to use and the results are accurate. This is a wonderful place to find primary sources and period images. Plan on staying awhile!