loc teacher pageThe Library of Congress page designed for teachers has always been incredibly helpful with tons of resources, primary sources and lesson plans. But it hasn’t always been easy to use. The site was clunky with a confusing navigation structure and its connection with the main LOC site was weak.

But it’s now all good!

The LOC Teachers’ Page has been remodeled and it works so much better. The LOC people have also added some extra features that I think will be useful in helping to improve social studies instruction.

There are four main pieces to the site designed specifically for teachers to use right away:

Classroom Materials include lesson plans, presentations and hands-on activities that were present on the old site. But the new site adds some additional goodies to the Classroom Materials section:

  • Themed Resources
    One-stop access to the Library’s best exhibitions, activities, primary sources, and lesson plans on popular curricular themes.
  • Primary Source Sets
    Sets of selected primary sources on specific topics, available as easy-to-print PDFs. Also, background information, teaching ideas, and tools to guide student analysis.
  • Collection Connections
    Historical context and ideas for teaching with specific Library of Congress primary source collections.

The other three sections of the remodeled site provide even more goodies for social studies teachers. The Professional Development section provides resources for both individual and large group staff development in the appropriate use of primary sources. Be sure to check out the TPS (Teaching with Primary Sources) Direct that is

a new professional development tool that lets educators plan and customize high-quality professional development to their colleagues and themselves using PD curriculum from the Library of Congress.

The Using Primary Sources section provides specific resources that you can use with students as teaching tools:

The last section that you will find useful is the Additional Resources section. This section provides links to sites both in and outside of the main Library of Congress site. You’ll find Class Starter activities and links to a wide range of quality social studies web sites.

If you haven’t been to the LOC Teachers’ Page in a while, you’ll be surprised at the changes. Hop on over!