As a teacher, I was always on the lookout for useful historical photographs of places. And it was always tough. Pre-internet, it was even tougher.

Now it’s a bit easier but still difficult to find geo-tagged images. Google images has been helpful as has the Panaramio layer in Google Earth. But most of those types of images are current, geo-tagged photos, rather than historical.

I recently ran across a site called HistoGrafica that should help history teachers find historical, geo-tagged images:

HistoGrafica is a community-driven website with high aims – making a large amount of historical pictures easily accessible in one place on the web. Everyone can share and describe their old pictures on HistoGrafica and help expand this free archive.

histographicaYou simply type in a geographic place – city, state, zip code, country – and using a Google Maps interface, HistoGrafica will display all of the images in its database for that region. You can zoom in or out, drag around and select individual or group photos. Pretty slick.

Some areas have very few images but since users can add photos to the database, that should change as more people jump on the bandwagon.

Teachers can use the site to find useful images for their own presentations, hook activities and projects while students could use the site for assignments and research.