TwilightbookOkay . . . first, a disclaimer. I haven’t actually read any of the books that make up the Twilight series. But I have seen my middle school daughter work her way through them at a breakneck pace. And her friends.

And her mom.

And her mom’s friends.

I’ve seen my high school son get dragged to the movie by his girlfriend. And seen his friends get dragged to the movie by their girlfriends.

You get the picture.

So . . . if there is some sort of pop culture phenomenon going on outside my classroom that can be used to connect my students with specific social studies content, I’m all over it.

Even if I’ve never read the books. (I can always head over to Wikipedia to get the highlights!)

Heather Marie Kosur of Suite101 has put together what looks like a very nice lesson plan that incorporates the Twilight series into middle school geography, Native American and mythology instruction.

At the very least, browse through the article and get some ideas of how teachers can merge engaging stories and culture from outside the classroom into their instruction.