I’ve always enjoyed TED talks and have literally spent hours watching them. There is so much there. While doing a search today for some specific TED talks, I ran across a site that looks interesting.

The History Teacher’s Attic, by Jeff Mummert, has some amazing stuff for history and social studies teachers. I’ll need to dig into it a bit more and mine the goodies.

But the connection to the TED talks alone was worth the quick visit. Jeff has taken data created on a Google Doc that lists hundreds of TED talks and broken it down by content area. Very cool!

By “demystifying” the list, Jeff has given us a wonderful gift as we plan our instructional units. Some sample lists:

American History Title and Link Run Time
Anna Deavere Smith Four American characters 0:23:05
David Hoffman Catch Sputnik mania! 0:03:50
Irwin Redlener How to survive a nuclear attack 0:25:18
Doris Kearns Goodwin Learning from past presidents in moments of crisis 0:18:48
Jennifer 8. Lee Who was General Tso? and other mysteries of American Chinese food 0:16:38
Laurie Garrett Laurie Garrett on lessons from the 1918 flu 0:21:05
World History
Jared Diamond Why societies collapse 0:18:21
Siegfried Woldhek The true face of Leonardo Da Vinci? 0:04:24
Samantha Power Shaking hands with the devil 0:23:09

You’ll need to head over to Jeff’s site to get the rest of the list.