HBO has put about 50 newsreel clips up on its site and made them available to registered users. The sign-up is free.

What you get is full-length video clips of Time Inc’s “The March of Time.” You’ll have to pick and choose but there’s some pretty interested stuff here. Most of your use will probably come by using the video clips to give a sense of time and place. Still . . . a great way to suck kids into the moment!

From 1935 to 1967, Time Inc’s newsreel series, “The March of Time” chronicled the events of our lives. The March of Time separated itself from its competitors using its trademark “pictorial journalism,” mixing highly-produced, long-form, documentary-style stories with dramatic re-enactments. These award-winning motion pictures recorded global events and brought them to big screens around the world and then later, television.

show all clipsThe videos play within your browser in Quicktime format. Clicking the “Show all clips” button that appears once you select a full-length video gives you many more shorter clips.