I’ve never been a huge fan of worksheets but there are definitely times when using paper and pencil kinds of stuff is a good idea. There’s really nothing like a good graphic organizer and I love how we can use those tools to help kids manage large amounts of foundational information.

One of the problems with graphic organizers is finding an easy way to create and edit them quickly and easily. And that’s why I’m so jacked about the resources at WorkSheetWorks.

graphic organizerThe site’s got some basic worksheet kinds of stuff including Math, English Language and Puzzles. But it has a Miscellanea section that contains a link to a page full of 12 different types of graphic organizers. The cool thing is that for each of them, you have the ability to rename, edit, download as a PDF and print out an organizer just right for you.

Pretty slick. And I know that other tools such as Inspiration do similar kinds of things. But they usually come at a price and they’re usually harder to work with. WorkSheetWorks is a site that you AND your kids can use.

The extra bonus?

A separate page of geography goodies. Mostly maps that you also can edit how you want and print out.

For me it’s a no-brainer.

Have fun!