Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, has been providing high-quality staff development, resources, classroom activities and teaching kits for almost two decades. The project has won two Oscars, an Emmy and over 20 honors from the Association of Educational Publishers.

And all of it is free. In these economic times what more could you ask for than high-quality and free?

Founded in 1991 by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Teaching Tolerance is dedicated to reducing prejudice, improving intergroup relations and supporting equitable school experiences for our nation’s children.

There’s tons of stuff available but you really need to check out the Teaching Kits. You’ve got choices of all grade levels in a variety of content but a couple that are especially good:

“One Survivor Remembers” tells the unforgettable story of Gerda Weissmann Klein’s six-year ordeal as a victim of Nazi cruelty. Klein describes her years in Nazi labor camps and months on a forced death march. Though her experience was horrifying, Klein also remembers wonderful acts of decency and normalcy – testaments to the greatness of humanity.

“Mighty Times: The Children’s March” tells the story of how the young people of Birmingham, Alabama, braved fire hoses and police dogs in 1963 and brought segregation to its knees. Their heroism complements discussions about the ability of today’s young people to be catalysts for positive social change.

Have fun!