More and more game developers are focusing on the K-12 market with wonderful simulations and activities that use research-based methods that encourage high levels of learning. Serious Games Interactive has been in the education business since 2006 and are producing some very nice stuff.

They started with a game called Global Conflicts: Palestine and have gone on to create additional games in that series, including one on South America and their latest called Child Soldiers.

“Global Conflicts” is an award-winning educational game series used for teaching history, citizenship, geography, and media courses. The games are targeted at students in the age 13-20 years and are used in many educational systems throughout the world.

The series allows students to explore and learn about different conflicts throughout the world and the underlying themes of democracy, human rights, globalization, terrorism, climate and poverty. The game series is easy to use for teachers and is developed with close attention to curriculum requirements and ease of use in classroom teaching.

These are all high quality simulations that government, world history and US history teachers should be using as part of their instruction. The nice thing is that you can get a 30 day demo for free, a single license for around $15 and a building license for only about $100.

Don’t ya just love free on a Monday morning?