For the last few weeks, I’ve been pushing my 16 year old to write more – hoping to convince him to start posting things online.

Well . . . Jake has finally starting writing stuff. It’s a work in progress and, so far, not yet a deep site. But it’s encouraging to read the thoughts of a high school kid and I’m excited about watching and reading more as he learns to write for a more public audience.

I’m also excited because he just found me some new primary source documents I need.

childOne of the things on my plate this fall is to run a small grant focusing on the 1930s co-sponsored by the Library of Congress and the Midwest Center for Teaching with Primary Sources. And Jake’s most recent post highlights a select group of 14 color photographs taken during the Depression by the Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information Collection and hosted by the Library of Congress.

Just the kinds of stuff that our mini-grant will be messing with this fall!

Jake also mentions a LOC collection of photographs taken during the ’30s and ’40s documenting various Jim Crow signs enforcing racial discrimination. I’m already finding ways to integrate all of these documents into our grant activities.

Plus, it was a great reminder for me to spend more time at the newly revamped Teacher’s Page at the Library of Congress. It’s always been a bit difficult finding things at the old LOC site (part of the reason I missed the documents Jake mentions, I’m sure!) but the new look Teacher’s Page makes things a little easier.

So . . . a good day so far – the kid’s writing more, I found some new resources and LOC’s site is easier to use.