Do you teach World History?

Then the new World Digital Library is a must visit.

A cooperative project of the Library of Congress, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and partner libraries, archives, and educational and cultural institutions from the United States and around the world. The project brings together on a single website rare and unique documents – books, journals, manuscripts, maps, prints and photographs, films, and sound recordings – that tell the story of the world’s cultures. The site is intended for general users, students, teachers, and scholars.

world dig library

You can browse for resources by place, time, type of document or topic. You can search by keyword or by simply dragging the timeline bar to the period you’re researching. Once you find a collection or specific document, the site provides all sorts of ways to narrow your search or find related materials.

Pretty phenomenal way to store and access a huge range of stuff! The site seems great for training kids on 21st century search skills and a handy way for you to find useful resources.

If nothing else, it’s a wonderful place for history teachers to spend a couple of hours!