I’m a big believer in the power of photographs and images.

And if you can find really big photos, so much the better!

New camera and web technologies now allow the publishing of incredibly detailed, full screen 360 degree panoramic photographs online. And the people at Panoramas have gathered together over 600 of these amazing photographs in one place.

Just about any unit or lesson in world history, geography or US history will get a boost by using one or more of the images at Panoramas. You search by yearly lists that go back to 2002 with thumbnails available for easy selection. Once your 360 degree photo has loaded, you are able to pan left, right, up or down. And most allow you to zoom in and out of image with absolute clarity.

Be aware that some files are large and will require updated browsers and plug-ins. But the results are worth the extra time and effort.

ramses tomb 360

Tomb of Ramses IV in Valley of the Kings

Have fun!