Armistice participants and train car, November 11 1918 (wikipedia)

November 11, 1918.

5:00 am, Compiegne Forest, 50 miles north of Paris, France.

Germany and various Allied countries sign the armistice that would end fighting on the western front six hours later at 11:00 am Paris time.

Twenty years later, the US Congress officially designated November 11 as Armistice Day. Following World War Two and the Korean War, legislation replaced the word Armistice with Veterans, creating Veterans Day.

While you may not have tons of time today to focus on Veterans Day, don’t be afraid to use some of the resources listed below later in your instruction. Some good stuff here!

Start with Veterans’ Stories from the Library of Congress Teachers page. You’ll find audio clips, video clips and stories from their Veterans History Project that can be viewed or downloaded as well as a Teacher’s Guide.