I’m not sure what your mental image is of the Library of Congress. Mine used to be quiet reading room, huge stacks, grumpy shushing gray haired librarians and stuffy atmosphere. (And, of course, that huge underground facility where they stored Indiana Jones’ Ark of the Covenant!)

But my mental image has changed over the last few years. There has been a huge push during the last decade to digitize a huge amount of the information housed in the Library. That push resulted, along other things, in the incredible American Memory site. Resources for educators followed together with goodies for kids and families.

But what has really changed my mental image of the LOC is their push in the last year or so to become fully engaged in the Web 2.0 / social networking world. Library officials announced several months ago the Library’s entry into Facebook.

They are also active on Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, and iTunes U.

And while the Library continues to serve the public in traditional ways, connecting through the Web makes their resources more accessible to you. More importantly, these non-traditional methods make the LOC content more accessible, and much more relevant, to your students.