Got an email from a colleague the other day and towards the bottom, he mentioned the blog site of the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education. The MCHE is based in the Kansas City area and has been doing tremendous stuff for years. Tons of resources and materials that you can use. They’ve also done a lot of work with National Archives branch in KC.

Their new blog looks great too. The blog has some great suggestions from actual classroom teachers:

The Isak Federman Holocaust Teaching Cadre is a group of highly trained and dedicated volunteer teachers who assist the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education with their work by serving as peer mentors and educators. This collection of their expertise as classroom educators explores resources, teaching techniques and important programs they feel are valuable in Holocaust education.

I really like the practical strategies and ideas. Seems like a great resource for any middle school or high school teacher responsible for covering the Holocaust.

(You can find additional resources and materials at the Social Studies Central Jewish Holocaust page.)