I ran across an incredible site called Vintage Ad Browser several weeks ago, saved it to my Delicious and promptly forgot about it as other things came up. And I’m pretty sure I first saw it on Richard Byrne’s wonderful Technology4Teachers site. But I’ve slept since then and I’m not completely sure.

(If I didn’t get the link from Richard’s site . . . I apologize to whatever site I did see it on. And you should go over to Technology4Teachers anyway cause there’s tons of other goodies there.)

With over 50 categories to start with, Vintage Ad Browser has over 100,000 different print ads from the late 1770s to the present. I dug into the military section, moved over into the propoganda area and ended up in somehow ended up in the Coke section.

There truly is something in here for every period of history in such a wide variety of ad types that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something you can use with kids. Students could compare and contrast images from different periods of time, analyze different ways that advertisers try and sway opinion or use the ads to gather information about the World War Two Home Front.

Just some nice stuff in here to use as primary sources!

(I found the time to do the simple search over at Technology4Teachers and there it was. Thanks, Richard!)

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