My 8th grade daughter was heading out the door last week on her way to school. And she was obviously not that excited about it.

But bless her heart, she attempted a bit of humor to lighten the mood:

I’m off to change the world, one worksheet at a time.

I laughed but also felt a twinge. She’s already figured it out:

Just survive four more years. I might learn something but it’s more likely that most of what I’ll do will be busy work.

The solution? Make t-shirts.

My daughter claims any and all intellectual property rights.

Other solutions? Find things for her to do outside of school, encourage her online writing and her art work and calmly push for change in her school.

K-12 solutions? More hands-on instruction, more problem-based learning, more primary sources, more 21st century skills, more authentic assessment. And no, they’re not easy.

But you know what? My daughter’s worth it.

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