I’ve been following Mark Warner for a couple of years now. He’s got some incredible ideas and resources that I’ve found useful. I’ve especially enjoyed the work that he’s done over the last few school years involving the video game Myst.

Mark jumped on the idea that using video games might increase the literacy skills of his kids and has been documenting his strategies online. I’ve used Mark’s work as a great example of how video games can be integrated into classroom instruction and have posted several things about what he’s been able to do. (Using Myst to Increase Literacy Skills part one / part two / final reflections.)

He continues to use Myst as a learning tool and is now asking others to join in the conversation.

In order to support my colleagues at school (many of whom are not as familiar with the game), I have set up some Primary Pads as a place to gather ideas for ways to use the game in the classroom.

If you’ve used Myst yourself, I would be really grateful if you would be able to add any suggestions to the pads too.

There are some amazing ideas and stories of how he and others are using Myst to engage kids in deep learning. Head over, exchange ideas and start your own Myst stories!

(You can get all of Mark’s Myst posts here.)

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