Okay. Be gentle. We’re gonna get better.

Together with Jaime Hendricks, I’ve started a semi-regular video cast called Great Games, Better Brains that talks about video games and how parents, families and teachers can use them appropriately.

The idea is that we create and post five to six minute clips online that people can access whenever / wherever. Our target audience right now is parents and grandparents who have questions about how games work, which games to play and how to monitor what their kids are doing. Great Games, Better Brains is part of larger effort to connect with parents and teachers called My Kid’s Turn.

It’s still very rough. Jaime and I are slowly getting used to the idea of the whole video thing but we’d like some useful feedback. You can check out a single episode we did on Wii games and setting parental controls here but be sure to browse around and see what else My Kid’s Turn has to offer.