So . . . much of what I’ve done for the last few years is working with teachers to improve student learning. But lately, I’ve also had the chance to work with parents and others outside of the traditional educational community.

Part of that includes working with the My Kids Turn web site people. MKT is designed to provide quick and easy to digest video clips for parents and teachers. Educational specialists and teachers from around the area share their best ideas and strategies that help kids enjoy learning. MKT’s goal is to find ways for parents and kids to connect with content that is shared in the classroom.

There are currently over 80 clips online in a wide variety of subjects from math to reading to technology to family time to video games to early childhood stuff. You’ll also find links to print resources and materials that shared in the video clips. The site is basically in beta mode right now so expect changes in look and feel. Future plans include digital handouts that describe the specific strategies discussed.

Video presenters include Jane Seward, Kevin Honeycutt, Jodi Case, Michelle Flaming and Renee Smith. You can also find clips by Jaime Hendricks and myself.

Let me know what you think and be sure to have fun!