I’ve mentioned Footnote several times as a great source for primary documents. If you haven’t heard of Footnote, it’s basically a social network for primary sources with millions of documents from a variety of sources. What makes Footnote unique is the way in which it allows you to organize, display and share those documents.

And at $80 a year to access over 65,000,000, the full access membership seems like a no-brainer for social studies departments. (You can also sign up for a free seven-day trial that gives you a chance to play around with the software and explore all of it options.)

But Footnote also has tons of free access with a Basic membership. And just this week, Footnote released another set of documents that you can access for free.

You can discover new details about the Revolutionary War in records that include:

  • Soldier Service Records
  • Original letters written by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and other Founding Fathers
  • Revolutionary War Pension Files
  • Payment Vouchers for Military Pensions
  • George Washington Correspondence

There are other records available as well.

But be careful. It’s very easy to spend a couple of hours browsing through all the cool stuff you can find!

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