Matt, Arnold, Jed

One of the few New Year’s resolutions that I’ve managed to keep is a commitment to watch the West Wing television series from start to finish. With just a few episodes left, I’m now on my third presidential campaign. And today, in West Wing world it’s Election Day. Congressman Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits) and Senator Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda) are vying for the empty seat left by two-term president Jed Barlett (Martin Sheen).

It seems appropriate. Tuesday of this week was primary election day in Kansas and other primaries took place yesterday throughout the country. Which meant that I was up late into Wednesday morning browsing through all the election return sites, blogs and online newspapers.

As a confirmed election nerd, it was just about the perfect evening.

The strategies and the conversations about where to campaign and who to target, where to spend the money . . . trending data, polls, ad campaigns, poster design – all stuff I enjoy.

One of my earliest election memories involves staying at my great-uncle’s house during the 1972 presidential election. Uncle Jim was an interesting guy to a ten year old. An old flintlock musket hung over the front door, right next to the “Get Us Out of the UN” bumper sticker – a big John Birch Society kind of guy. Even at that age, I knew that any mention of the SE Asian Domino Theory would set him off.

Throughout the evening, most of what I remember is Uncle Jim lamenting the fact that George Wallace would have made a much better president than Nixon or McGovern.

I was hooked.

Where do I go to get my fix? Lots of places but a few I like:

The good news? The fall general elections are already underway.

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