Okay . . . admit it. How many of you didn’t know that today is Bill of Rights Day?

Come on, it’s okay.

Yes, I see those hands.

I first ran across Bill of Rights Day a year ago. I consider myself a person who keeps up with this sort of thing but I had no idea. So it’s been kinda fun talking this week with history teachers about their plans for the day, looking at resources and playing a few games.

And I know the day is already over but most of you middle and high school teachers are probably right around the Constitutional Period and you government folks can fit this stuff in just about anytime. So a few ideas and resources:

The US Courts posted a short video that asks the question “What does the Bill of Rights mean to you?” That might be a good place to start with your kids.


So go ahead and celebrate! Assemble peacefully, read a newspaper, don’t quarter any troops in your house, go out and get that speedy trial you’ve always talked about and don’t forget to practice those guaranteed unenumerated rights.


Update – How did I forget the EDSITEment folks? Check the comments below for more super resources from Joe P. at EDSITEment !

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