I love TED talks. They’re like the perfect educational appetizer. All of them are quick and easy to digest, they look great and they make you hungry to learn more.

I’ve posted about TED talks before. I’ve embedded actual TED talks into posts. But I’ve never made time to really put together a nice collection of TED videos that focus on social studies.

But Angela has.

Angela has a sweet blog over at changED that you need to spend some browsing through. And a couple, three weeks ago she posted an equally sweet GoogleDoc that highlights almost 30 TED talks that social studies teachers should view and use with students. You can also find a handy Pinterest board from the HistoryLab people with even more links.

Use the list to grow professionally. Show the videos to your kids. Or do what they did over at the TEDxClassroomProject.

What happens when 80 10th grade students watch, analyze and reflect upon 640+ TED Talks in pursuit of the answer to the question, “What Matters (To Us)”?

The TEDxClassroomProject happens. A very cool way to hook kids into viewing and thinking about a wide range of topics while encouraging them to create some of their own.

I’m thinking semester-end student-created TED talks instead of a final. Group TED talks that take opposing views of similar topics. Seems to me that you could do all sorts of things with the TED talk theme.