The last week or so of posturing and blaming after the shooting in Arizona has been both encouraging and disturbing all at the same time. With the Tea Party Express using the shooting as an excuse to solicit donations and both sides of the aisle pointing fingers, it was nice to hear President Obama, Speaker John Boehner and Fox News President Roger Ailes pushing for a bit more effort for us all to just get along.

But there’s also been some interesting conversations this week with other social studies teachers. One topic among many has been the best way to respond – not just to the event itself but to the politics and partisan bickering.

So it was a bit of a surprise to find part of the answer over at the Indexed site. Indexed is a great place to blow a few minutes when you need a break from . . . well, just about anything. You’ll understand once you spend some time over there.

I like this. I like it a lot.

And I haven’t thought this through in a lot of detail but isn’t this at least one of the things we as Social Studies teachers should be teaching?

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