I had the chance yesterday at the MACE conference to attend a session by Angie McCune. Angie teaches 3rd grade in Wamego and is awesome.

She shared how she is using Google Earth to do a very cool Flat Stanley activity. What makes it ever more cool is that she has put all of her project stuff online and wants you to use and adapt it.

Angie's Flat Stanley in Google Earth

Angie spends the entire first semester on the Flat Stanley project and says that she can hit most of her 3rd grade social studies standards through the project. To help you adapt her project, she has taken the time to list aligned standards for grades K-5.

She has also posted all of her project documents online – including sample student letters, spreadsheets, her sample Flat Stanley Google Earth kmz file, Google Earth resources and tutorials, teaching suggestions for K-8 and her contact information. So even though she has provided step-by-step instructions, if you have questions concerning the project, Angie is very open to hearing from others.

Angie’s project is a great way to integrate literature, geography, history, language arts and 21st century skills. The added bonus? Kids love it.

Have fun!

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