Mmm . . . great question.

It’s even better when a middle school kid asks it.

A teacher friend of mine passed on the question from one of her students and I figured I would pass it on to you. So I really want to know. Why do we have school after state assessments are over?

And, even though we all believe it, you can’t say

there is still a lot to learn.

Because apparently the secret is out. Even the kids have figured it out – school is not about learning, it’s about test scores.

Once we’ve taken the test, there’s no longer any reason for school.

The kid may have a point. Right or wrong, many teachers feel compelled to cram in all of their content in six or seven months rather than nine because the assessment schedule starts in March. And, yes, good teachers continue to teach and kids continue to learn after the assessments. But I’ve been in too many classes where it’s busy work till the end of May.

So . . . what do we tell the kid? What do we tell ourselves?

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