How could it get better? Google Images already lets you sort by size, color, face, whether you want clip art or actual photos, by copyright license. What else could you want?

Google knows.

Google knows that you want a way to sort image search results by category. So . . . for example, if I do a generic Google Image search for “kansas,” I would normally get about 22,000,000 hits. But I’m specifically am looking for handy outline maps. With the Google’s new category search, I can just hit the “Search by subject” link on the left and I now get a whole list of categories, including outline maps.

It seems like a great way to help kids (and teachers) narrow down their search results without a ton of work trying to figure out good keywords. It also looks like a great way to get a visual sense by of broad topics like World War II or Eisenhower by letting you browse in a more systematic way.

Google talks more about it on their blog but be sure to give it a try yourself.

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