We know that there are lots of ways to use YouTube as an educational tool. But even if it’s not blocked at your building, YouTube is just too busy. Links and comments and suggestions and ads. It’s all a bit distracting.

But there are solutions. Two I’ve talked about before, TubeChop and ViewPure. But there’s another easy answer that you can use to minimize Youtube clutter. And it lives right in the YouTube site.

Designed for use on large screen TVs and interactive whiteboards, YouTube XL has a very simplified user interface. But it works just as well on laptops and small computer screens.

Just a button for search, videos, your account and settings. That’s about it. You can still log-in and access your favorites and playlists, use YouTube’s filter to somewhat limit access to inappropriate videos and expand the video to full size. The only downside is that because the site utilizes Flash, iPods and iPads can’t access the actual videos.

It just seems like a much easier and clean way to access and use YouTube videos. And if we can train our kids to start using this version, even better.

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