Last week at the Teaching America History conference, I had the chance to share with a few groups some ideas for using Facebook as an instructional tool.

During the discussion, we discovered a light-hearted History of America as seen through the eyes of America’s Facebook wall. Got us thinking.

It seems like a great way to start your school year.

Have kids re-create the wall through the perspective of different groups. What would the wall say if Native Americans were typing? African Americans? Different political parties? Women? Other countries? Have different groups of kids create walls and then lead a whole-group discussion about which events to add / subtract from a class wall.

You could have kids re-create the wall for just a specific period of time or for just the period of time covered in your class.

However you decide to adapt the activity, it will stimulate interest, encourage history conversations and provide you with some idea of students’ prior knowledge. I could even see teachers using this all year long as sort of Big Picture graphic organizer.

Let me know how it turns out!

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