Sometimes you just want to share a quick list of links. Maybe with your kids. Maybe with your parents. Maybe with other teachers. You don’t have time to send the list to your tech person to upload. You don’t want to edit your own site. You just want people to have access to a list of great sites and you want to make it happen now.

URList is designed to do that.

URList is not a site like Delicious or Diigo that bookmarks the sites you find. Instead, use URList to quickly and easily create lists of sites that you want to share with others. Each of your lists has a specific URL, making it great for sharing.

Use it with younger students who often have trouble typing long web addresses.Use it with parents to update them on student work or school/district sites or reading lists. Use it with older kids to let them know what they need to review as outside reading or for a list of primary sources documents.

To get an idea of how this works, view a sample URList highlighting Civil War Lesson Plan sites.

I like the fact that you can create lists with or without an account. But once you have your account set up and are logged in, you have access to the Dashboard. The Dashboard allows you to view old lists, use the handy bookmarklet tool and create shared lists.

This is the piece of URList that I think is really interesting – allowing others to add to your lists. This ability makes URList into a very useful tool for teams. Students could use it to create a collaborative live list of links for reference, research and discussion. Use it with other social studies teachers to create a shared list of helpful sites such as primary sources or history sites. You can add to and edit lists over time.

It’s free, fast and practical. What’s not to like?