Mmm . . .

I found something today that seems like a great idea with a lot of possibilities. I’ll let you decide if it’s worth your time.

Called QR Voice, the site generates a simple QR code that converts written text into an audio clip. The process is pretty simple. You type or paste text into the text box, click the small QR code icon and out comes your QR code.

You also get a URL to a new page that provides a clean code for printing and for sharing with your students. Students can then use their smart phones to access your audio message.

I’m a big believer in QR codes. They provide one more option in your tool kit for communicating with students, parents and community members. And I really like the idea of a code that takes text and generates an audio file. The problem with QR Voice is that you’re limited to 100 characters. If you’re counting, that’s not much – less than 10 seconds of audio.

But it’s a great idea. And I’ve looked for similar tools that would create a larger file and, other than JC Penny’s Santa Tags idea (which doesn’t seem very teacher friendly), came up empty.

So. We’re stuck with this. What would you do with QR Voice?

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