We need to have our kids read more than just the textbook. And we need to ask them to write more than just short answers on tests. The problem is that we are often not sure how to make that happen.

There’s tons of stuff out there to help with reading.

And now the people at Scholastic have put together a handy tool to help with the writing part.

Called Write It, the site does a great job of providing you and your kids a wide variety of resources, suggestions, and writing ideas. The main page breaks down into six different writing genres – poetry, essay, short fiction, memoir, humor, and journalism.

You’ll find tons of examples, graphic organizers, planners, and well . . . just about everything needed to assist in the writing process. You also have the options to chat with other writers and authors. The site also provides a way for students to publish their work and to build an online portfolio.

Be sure to check out the teacher resource page.

Have fun!