I’ve had the invite in the Inbox for several months and I just never seemed to get around to activating it.

And depending on who you talk to, 58 percent to 97 percent of Pinterest users are female. So I may not be the only guy who’s been sitting on the fence with the social bookmarking site. But I’m becoming convinced that Pinterest might be a handy thing to have available.

More and more teachers are using the tool to find, share, and integrate resources. The visual look of Pinterest can be a great hook for students. A very cool infographic shares 16 ways that educators can use Pinterest:

Doing a search, middle school social studies for example, will give you a ton of links. And there are more things out there that can help you begin to understand and use Pinterest. Just a few to get you started:

Social Pinboard – National History Education Clearinghouse’s nice article on Pinterest

Teaching History – an example of a history teacher’s channel

Teaching History / Social Studies – another example from the Teaching Channel

Middle Ages – another example

Six Pinners to Follow

Five More to Follow

Pinterest Resources for Teachers – CoolCatTeacher’s Pinterest stuff

Pinterest for Education – a Livebinder with lots of stuff


Update July 21

Great friend, tech guru, and K-State prof Cindy Danner-Kuhn has some sweet Pinterest boards including a generic Education board as well as Social Studies, iPads, and Pinterest in Ed boards.

Have fun!