One of the things that most 12-step recovery programs have in common is that the person in recovery must first admit that they have a problem.

I admit it. I have a problem.

I love politics. I love reading about politics. I love talking about politics. And ask just about anyone . . . I especially love arguing about politics.

We’ve all been bombarded with political ads for what seems like the last 47 months but the real political season starts today with the Republican National Convention. With the Democratic convention next week, my life is complete. I will admit that part of me is disappointed in the behavior of many of those running for office (see Akins of Missouri and Vice President Biden) but I still believe in the exercise.

I mean . . . how cool is the American political process? Democracy? National party conventions? Fair and open elections? Transition of power? Preamble of the US Constitution? What’s not to love?

To help you and your students better understand and love the convention process, I’ve listed some handy dandy resources below:

National Democratic Convention
Official site

Republican National Convention
Official site

Conventional Wisdom: A History of American Political Conventions
Podcast discussing the history of conventions with useful materials from a very cool site called BackStory

How Political Conventions Work
From the How Stuff Works people

How Media Coverage of the Political Conventions have shifted to Cable, Online
PBS coverage and commentary

K12in2012 Learning Center
Generation Nation: K12in2012 has put together some awesome curriculum / resources about the nominating process, including a nice mock convention. You can also find tons of other election stuff here.

CNN Explains: Political Conventions
A sweet video highlighting the how and why of conventions. Other handy videos relating to the conventions as well as the candidates can also be found here

This site deserves its own post. Expect one later this week. It sorts “through the noise, exposing bias, and showing all sides of every issue so we, the people, can truly decide for ourselves.”

Conventional Wisdom
Info on every Democratic and Republican political convention since 1832. Incredible amount of resources.

So I admit it. I love this. Reading, talking and arguing politics. Feel free to join in!