I’ve been knee deep in the Republican and Democratic national conventions over the last few weeks. And I love the speeches. But I’m also a very visual learner. So I love the speeches even more in Wordle format.

Wordle, the word cloud creator, is a great way to hook kids into conversations about the content and meaning of speeches and documents. In the case of the convention speeches, I would ask questions like:

How are the speeches different from each other in tone, content, and audience?

How are the speeches the same as each other in tone, content, and audience?

Is it possible to guess which political party made which speech based solely on the word cloud? How do you know?

Why do you think the speechwriters selected the language they used in the various speeches?

What words show up most often? Why?

Are there differences between presidential and vice-presidential speeches? Why?

Mitt Romney August 30th


Barack Obama September 6th


Paul Ryan August 29th


Joe Biden September 6th