Okay. It may not be a huge game changer. It’s probably not a silver bullet.

But YouTube Time Machine is still very cool. I like it a lot. (You’re gonna have to listen to the whole thing but insert Hoops and YoYo quote in here.)

YTTM is a sweet little tool that lets you search for video primary sources by year. Grab the slider and pull it to a specific year. YTTM then displays a series of videos from that year. You do have a few filters to increase or limit the number of videos – commercials, music, current events, sports, etc.

The tool is a nice way to provide historical context, have kids practice primary source analysis strategies, and to compare multiple perspectives.

The drawback is that YTTM provides the videos randomly. A kind of work-around is to open each of the videos in YouTube itself and then use YouTube’s related videos feature along its right hand side.

You then have the option to add these related videos to YTTM’s database.

Not a huge game changer – but a nice little gadget to have in the tool kit when you need it.