Need some handy civics / government video games, lesson plans, and teaching materials? (And really . . . who doesn’t need handy civics / government video games, lesson plans, and teaching materials?)

If your answer is yes, iCivics just saved your bacon.

Back in 2009, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor founded iCivics to reverse Americans’ declining civic knowledge and participation.

Securing our democracy requires teaching the next generation to understand and respect our system of governance.

iCivics prepares young Americans to become knowledgeable, engaged 21st century citizens by providing a wide variety of  educational materials:

  • iCivics games are fun and easy to use: Each iCivics game is playable in one class period, and has a detailed printable report at the end for grading purposes. iCivics games are best played with students on individual computers, but they can also be played on a single computer with the help of a smart board or projector.
  • iCivics webquests are quick and interactive: iCivics webquests are an engaging way to learn about specific civics topics. They include reading and questions with links to specific web resources that help students see how the topic relates to the real world. Webquests can be used by the whole class with a projector or a smart board or on individual computers.
  • iCivics lessons and curriculum are practical and engaging:  Individual activities are easy to manage, self-contained, and there is always something you can collect from students at the end of the period. Lesson materials are visually appealing and written in a conversational tone to foster students’ interest.  They teach the material in the context of problems and issues that are relevant to students. And you won’t have to search for supplementary readings or type up a last-minute worksheet. Just print the materials, follow the instructions, and you’re golden!
  • iCivics has put together special election-focused curriculum packages to bring the presidential election into your classroom. Choose from a three or five day approach, or even run your own mock election using iCivics’ proven lesson plans and games. We’ve also put together a selection of one-day activities and additional resources for you and your students.

All free. All awesome. All the time.