I’ll admit it. I’m not a big fan of most personal finance classes. They usually are poorly organized, poorly taught, and are often much too long. A full year of personal finance required for graduation? Really?

But I will also admit the need for some sort of personal finance training for kids.

Credit card bills, debt, saving, and financing higher education are often not on the minds of most of your students. But the financial decisions they make today will have a long-term impact on their lives. A weak understanding of how finances work can jeopardize their ability to succeed later on in life.

The answer? Some sort of curriculum that will actually engage kids so they walk away with some applicable knowledge and skills. EverFi seems like that sort of answer.

EverFi is a new-media learning platform that uses the latest technology – video, animations, 3-D gaming, avatars, and social networking – to bring complex financial concepts to life for today’s digital generation.

It’s a handy way to meet required standards while also providing a research-based learning tool. You get sims, assessments, and a variety of interactive elements as part of the six hour online program. Use the contact form and the EverFi folks will provide a ton of info, curriculum guide / scope and sequence, and informative videos.