After the Beyond the Bubble session, my day is officially over. I really don’t need anything else today because that session was so useful.

But there are still some good sessions being offered today, I suppose. So I’m sitting in on a session about using mobile devices in the classroom and am learning / sharing about what this looks like.

Some cool conversations. The other cool thing? Two Kansas people are part of the panel.

Joe O’Brien from the University of Kansas is on fire as he asks us to think about how we can take advantage of what he calls the “perfect storm” of technology and culture. A great evangelicalist for using mobile devices in the classroom.

And Kori Green, an awesome middle school teacher at El Dorado Middle School, shared some of the things she’s doing with her kids. Cool stuff.

Some pieces of advice:

  • Focus on one or two apps / processes instead of trying to learn and do everything
  • Be aware of security issues
  • Have serious conversations about AUPs and filtering systems
  • Don’t worry to much about updating everything all of the time.
  • Think about Bring Your Own Device / BYOD programs
  • One to One programs seem more successful than shared / cart programs because of a sense of ownership
  • Be clear about what your end goal is – 21st century skills, curriculum, or something else

Okay. So there is more to learn today. Cool.