I’m busy having a great time at Podstock 2013. It’s a sweet tech conference we put on every year in downtown Wichita that’s a ton of fun. And after last night’s vendor reception, I’m dragging just a bit. So . . . just a quick Tip this week.

Have you ever had a chance to check out the TED-Ed video tool? I’ve talked about it before and really think it offers some handy options for having kids mess with content outside of the classroom. Basically you take a TED or YouTube video, chop it up into small segments, provide additional online resources, create a series of low level and high level questions, and voila, sweet out of class homework and in class conversation starter.

You can even have kids create TED-Ed videos as assessment pieces.

And just recently, I ran across Angela Hamblen Cunningham’s list of TED-Ed videos related specifically to social studies topics. A short teaser?

Head over to get the full list and be sure to check out Angela’s other goodie. I especially like her US History and Tool categories.

Have fun!