Paul is a stud. And not just cause he teaches middle school social studies. (Let’s be honest, anyone who teaches middle school social studies automatically qualifies.)

Nope. Paul is a stud because he’s doing awesome stuff with kids and is not afraid to share what works in his classroom with others. So if you haven’t already bookmarked Blogush or added it to your RSS feed, you should. Cause, well . . . I already told you, he’s a stud.

A recent visit revealed a variety of topics including a series of posts highlighting why he loves middle school and a ton of stuff on the Common Core.

But I was intrigued by the 15 Assessments That Don’t Suck post title. (Paul is right . . . posts with numbers and the word “suck” in the title are impossible to resist.) I’m not going to ruin the surprise here. Head over and browse through an incredible list. Breathe in some of the studness, leave a few of your own ideas, then come back and re-post those ideas here. I’d love to hear what works for you!