I’m hoping that by the time you read this, Congress has moved past kicking sand at each other and turned the government back on. I’m not holding my breath but who knows, maybe some grownups will show up and actually do something productive.

Until that happens, you might find the following resources useful in your conversations:

Visual Resources to Teach About the US Government Shutdown
Videos, graphs, and other goodies

Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About how the Government Shutdown Will Work
From the Washington Post’s Wonkblog

A Government Shutdown in Video
Videos looking at the costs, closings and other ramifications of a government shutdown.

66 questions and answers about the government shutdown

Blacked Out Government Websites Available Through Wayback Machine
Use archived versions of government sites to gain access to sites that have been “shutdown.”

5 Interactives Explain the Budget Battle
Interactive graphics that illustrate information about the budget in ways that traditional narratives can’t and help students see the size and scope of proposed budget.

Americans Oppose House GOP’s Obamacare Strategy
Latest United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll

Who Goes to Work? Who Stays Home?
Some federal employees will continue reporting to their departments and agencies, while others will be furloughed.

What’s Open? What’s Not?
Facilities that will be open and the services that would remain available in the event of a government shutdown.

How Would A Government Shutdown Affect Your Life? (Infographic)

By the Numbers: The Shutdown
USA Today graphic highlighting a variety of services affected by the shutdown.

Breaking Down the Shutdown
Nice discussion ideas from National Geographic

New York Times Learning Network lesson ideas