Google just keeps coming up with more cool stuff. And for all you map nerds, and history teachers, their new Maps Gallery is just the ticket.

Maps Gallery works like an interactive, digital atlas that lets you search for and find powerful, compelling maps. It’s much like the Gallery of tours you can find via the Google Earth tool. One of the biggest differences is that the Google Maps Gallery contains maps created by a variety of organizations, both public and private, and so you can find all sorts of maps, many mostly inaccessible to the public before now.

The collection is full of historical maps placed over modern Google Maps, giving users a glimpse of Tokyo in 1860, the United States during the Civil War, and biblical landmarks in the Middle East.

I really like the transparency slider that provides perspective on where in today’s modern American West Lewis and Clark traveled or watch San Francisco grow in size. And an entire lesson is waiting for someone to create using the Earth at Night 2012 map centered on Korea.

korea at night

So . . . it’s okay, map nerds. Bookmark the site, share it with your kids, and be sure to have fun.