I wish I would have thought of this.

I have written about the Library of Congress before. If you know me at all, you know that I love the LOC. You also know that it is an awesome place for you to find incredible resources and lesson plans.

But I have never really put all of the Library of Congress greatness together in one place.

Edudemic has.

Both of us know that so many great resources can be a bit overwhelming. And that it may be difficult for teachers to make sense of how to best use it all.

So . . .

That’s why we’ve created a short guide to making the most of the Library of Congress, with tips and ideas for activities, plus links to guides, resources, and tools that you can put to work in your classroom. Read on, and let’s get started taking advantage of all the great resources that the Library of Congress has to offer for your students.

Edudemic’s Teacher’s Guide to the Library of Congress includes a quick infographic and 25 ways to use the LOC to its fullest. So head on over.

Need a few spoilers?

Share moments in history:
The Library of Congress offers Today in History, featuring important events in America’s history that are great topic and lesson starters.

Find photos for your classroom:
Through the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Online Catalog, you can find a photo for just about anything you’re currently teaching. You can even find other supplements including historic newspapers, sound recordings, manuscripts, maps, and film.

Get teaching ideas on Twitter:
Follow @librarycongress on Twitter to get useful ideas for teaching with Library of Congress resources.

Share, Save, or Connect with the Library of Congress:
Use this guide to learn how you can share images and other primary sources from the Library of Congress with your classroom, whether you’re printing or distributing links through social media.

Lesson Plans:
Created by teachers, these lesson plans make great use of Library of Congress primary resources.