I get the chance to spend a lot of my time working with Apple products and how they can be integrated into instruction. This means, obviously, I also get the chance to work with lots of educators who are looking for just the right tool and just the right app. And we always memorize together the mantra – “it’s not about the app, it’s about what kids do with the app. It’s not about the app, it’s about what kids do with the app.”

But there is still a need to know what sorts of things are out there. So today, seven of my favorite places to go to find just the right tool for what you want kids to do.

1. Always begin at EdTechTeacher’s very sweet What do you want your students to do? site. It doesn’t start with apps. It starts with the end in mind.

2. You can search for stuff on the Apple App Store but it’s not the only way to find apps. Quixey is a search engine for apps – providing another way to track down the perfect app.

3. Looking for Social Studies Apps? Organized by C4 Framework categories? Try this PDF.

4. Check out Appitic. It’s a directory of apps for education by Apple Distinguished Educators to help you transform teaching and learning.

5. The Appolicious app people – an app to find educational apps – also have a handy online site called Appolearning.

6. The Apps in Education blog has been around a while but it still has some useful stuff.

7. Apple has a ton of places. I’m counting these all together as the final number seven. So sue me.
Apps for Pre-K / Elementary / Middle School / High School
Apps for Music / PE herehere, and here / Art
Apps for Productivity
Apps for Teachers

Bonus sites?

(Many of these sites also have links to Android and Google Play apps.)