Be warned. This is a post that is nothing but blatant and intentional propaganda. Yup. A quick post about my first session here at the NCSS conference.

The goal of Three Tasty Tech Tools for Integrating the C3 Inquiry Arc is to quickly share a basic structure of what a lesson / unit design might look like when using online tools. My goal is not to suggest that there’s is the only way to do this but to simply highlight a few possibilities to jumpstart teacher thinking.

There’s way too many smart teachers out there to think that my stuff is the only way to do things. But I think it’s always fun to share some ideas, chat about some possibilities, and walk away smarter than when we walked in.

So . . . if you’re interested, I’ve posted a link to my presentation and to some of the stuff that we talked about.

You might also be interested in a couple of resource rich sites that others have found useful: